Saturday, 2 March 2013

Talkgroup » English Workshopn (VOXOPOP)

Hi everyone,
Have you used voxopop in your classes? Let us know your experiences here or on Thursday if you have!

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  1. Hello Everyone! I’m Ana Lilia and I believe sharing teaching ideas can enrich each other’s teaching practice. Therefore, thank you for the opportunity this “English Workshop” is proving me with.

    There is an activity I really enjoy doing with 2nd and 3rd graders to work on students’ attention and to implement spelling, among other learning habilities. The activity is based on a Mobile Phone, which you can already have made from cardboard to provide students with or you can guide students through the process of making one… it can add fun! But, if you consider the previous options to be “time consuming”, do not hesitate, photocopies will work well.
    Important Note: The Mobile Model must include letters within each number one usually press to dial.

    Once students have their Mobile, they’ll be able to work on the activity on their own, then they can share their findings to the rest of the class.
    Here are some “possible” questions you start with:
    1)How many letters are there in numbers 4, 5, and 6?
    2)Which numbers have got 4 letters?
    3)Which numbers haven’t got any letter?
    4)How do you call the symbol on the left of 0?
    5)How do you call the symbol on the right of 0?
    6)What word do you make if you press…?
    7)Make new codes for other words.

    The activity is pretty simple, and I’m sharing it because it can be used to work on “opposite” adjectives. If you ever have the chance of trying it, I hope you find it useful.

    NOTE: Neda and Pilar, I'm sharing the previous activity via Africa's gmail account, but it is Ana Lilia's contribution. Also, I haven't been able to add it as a new entry, so I added as a comment... you can tell I'm less than new on this application.